Utility-Pipe Toning

Utility and Pipe Locating Service

Subsurface Utility Engineers currently uses Vivax Metrotech and Radiodetection cable and pipe locator for all our utility locating needs. This equipment, which is widely recognized as the industry standard because it maintains the highest locate performance, contains multiple locate modes and is easy to use.

The science of cable and pipe locating is based on the principal that a current flowing along a conductor creates a magnetic field, and that magnetic field or signal, which is either passive or active in nature, can be detected via a receiver. Underground utilities were marked on the ground with paint and/or flags using the standard color codes. Electric lines and ground wires were marked with red, water lines with blue, gas lines in yellow, cable/phone in orange and unknown/survey lines with pink.

SUE-Subsurface Utility Engineers, LLC is an active member of the HOC – Hawaii One Call 811 Service.

All Hawaii Islands +1-808-284-2538