SUBSURFACE UTILITY ENGINEERING (SUE), LLC is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business in Oahu, HI established in 2020. Since our inception we have provided quality engineering services to our clients in multiple industries. As a collective group we offer global consulting to assist our clients in planning, development, design, construction,
operation and maintenance of critical infrastructure.

At SUE Hawaii we go beyond engineering consulting and are committed to the bigger picture. We make it a priority to work closely with the entire project team to understand the vision, sustainability and goals of the project. Our services include but are not limited to Utility locator and Mapping, Laser Scanning, 3D and AR Modeling, BIM and Electrical Power System


  • Project team will clearly define the objectives for the utility 3D scanning and augmented reality based on project requirements.
  • Identify areas, surfaces, and objects for: Dimensional Control & Verification; As-Built Development; 3D Modeling; Augmented Reality; Drawing Accuracy.
  • Design a scan plan to maximizes the product deliverables while minimizing costs.
  • Provide clear objectives to reduce miscommunication and the need for re-work later.
  • Include all deliverables such as floor plans, drawings (i.e, architectural, asbuilt, oneline diagram) or sketches per project requirements.

Tel 808-284-2538